Intersect Management

wordpress plugin

Description :

Synchronized your players' accounts using the WordPress extension. This extension allows your users to log in with their Intersect account name but also to manage a cash shop with WooCommerce.

Version : 1.0.0

Not available.

How the plugin work ?

Once the plugin is installed, navigate to the WP-ADMIN section and select the "Intersect Management" menu from the sidebar. This action will direct you to a login page where you should enter your TFA ID ( Once this step is completed, you will receive messages indicating "You are logged in at TFA APPS" and "Your account is now logged in at Intersect Management." Please note that you need a TFA Account and must already be logged in to the Intersect Management Dashboard.

Before use login system and other features you need to enable the default server of your Intersect Management Account for send api call to the right server. The credentials on the first step need to be main server account.

After completing these steps, everything should work by default. Your users will need to log in using a login form, whether it's custom or not. It's crucial to emphasize that you should disable WordPress Registration in advance, and it's even better if there are no existing accounts on your WordPress website. If a user is not found in the database, we will initiate a call to the game server (via Intersect Management) using in-game credentials to verify the username and password. If the credentials are valid, we will create a WordPress user account using the in-game credentials, allowing the user to use the same login as they do in the client.

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