Launch of the new website

Hello everyone,

The new website is now available with its fresh look and new backend infrastructure. I've decided to revamp the site to mark the arrival of the "Intersect Management" project. After working on numerous projects related to Intersect Engine, I believe it's time to provide a useful solution for everyone.

That's why the launch of Intersect Management is imminent. This project will enable game creators, whether working as a team or independently, to easily manage their game server, following the same administration format as Intersect CMS.

The idea is to offer an online platform to assist you with all your needs. Initially, Intersect Management will only provide server management, but soon we will introduce new features, which we will discuss later.

I also announce the development of a WordPress plugin that will allow you to connect Intersect Management to your WordPress site. This extension will enable you to synchronize your user database with your WordPress database and manage a shop to create a cash shop using WooCommerce.

Many exciting developments are on the horizon, and the service will be available soon. So, I'll see you all very soon!

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