Intersect Tools and Intersect Beta 8

Intersect Beta 8

For the past few days, you've seen that developers have been active in the pre-release beta 8 of the Intersect Engine.

The transition to .NET 7 is one of the significant highlights of this new version as we write these lines. You should also note the introduction of a platform-specific build (Windows, Linux, and Mac), making cross-platform compatibility more critical in this beta.

Major updates will be arriving in the coming weeks, which is great news for everyone.

Intersect Beta 8 and Intersect Tools

As you've seen, the new version brings numerous changes to the API of Intersect. Although I've fixed the major issues in Intersect CMS and Intersect Management, regarding Intersect Tools, its code isn't as well organized as the latest versions of my ElectronJS applications.

I'm currently working on two major updates. The first is making it compatible with Intersect Beta 8 while remaining compatible with older versions (and it's no small task).

The second is a complete code overhaul to have a clean and easily maintainable version, which will happen once I've finished the compatibility update. This update will also help me see the necessary changes for Intersect CMS and Management.

I hope to release the compatibility update fairly quickly, but I have a lot of work with the Libreplay platform, which means I need to divide my work time in addition to your increasing support requests due to the transition to PHP 8 for the CMS and Intersect Beta 8.

My Recommendations

For now, I cannot recommend transitioning to Intersect Beta 8 for your advanced projects. I advise you to stick with the latest stable Beta 7 for projects you plan to release someday. However, do keep an eye on the code changes in the new version to prepare your developers for any necessary adjustments when Beta 8 becomes officially stable.

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